TCM nutritional consulting

Traditional Chinese Medicine
Nutrition Consulting

An important element in the treatment of the patient is not only the selection of the right treatment methods, but also the development of healthy eating habits. Therefore, a dietitian in Traditional Chinese Medicine is of great preventive and therapeutic importance.

Dietary recommendations are selected individually, which allows you to optimize the benefits of your diet. TCM guidelines are helpful in choosing a diet for a given patient, depending on the health, condition or needs of the body.

The properties and purpose of food products are determined by their taste, area of influence and thermal quality, which determines whether the product is hot, warm, neutral, cool or cold. Depending on the taste of a given product, it has different healing properties. The taste can be salty, spicy, sweet, bitter, or sour. In turn, the area of influence relates to a specific organ of the body that is affected by a given product.

Dietetics is not only a healing effect. Thanks to the recommendations of TCM, you can cook tasty and varied, which improves the patient's well-being.