Treatments for active people

Sports massage

Sports massage is performed to strengthen the athlete's body before, during and after physical exercise. It restores the efficiency of the muscles, improves blood and lymph circulation, oxygenates the muscles and skin. Sports massage is helpful in removing soreness and muscle tension. It relaxes and regenerates the body after exercise. It is used in the removal of certain injuries, as well as to keep people in good shape while actively practicing sports. Massage removes fatigue and prepares the physical and mental condition of the athlete for training or competition.

Sports massage is dedicated to people actively practicing sports, including professional athletes. It can be performed throughout the entire sports cycle, while waiting for the competition, during the transition and convalescence period, and for relaxation purposes. Duration 45 minutes, 180 PLN

Therapeutic and analgesic massage

Massage belongs to the oldest field of medical science and has been used since antiquity. It comes from India and China, where it was a natural healing method. In antiquity, massage was a supplement to religious rituals, and with time it was accepted into folk medicine. The massage affects the patient's body by applying pressure to the appropriate places on his body. In this way, muscle structures, tendons, as well as the circulatory and lymphatic systems are stimulated. Therapeutic massage is recommended in particular in the case of muscle and spine pain caused by prolonged effort, trauma or after surgery.

An indication for therapeutic massage may also be the presence of muscle tension. The treatment is used as an element of therapy after kinks, sprains and sprains, damage to muscles and tendons, and in chronically lying people. Massage helps to improve blood circulation and prevent contractures.

Massage is performed on the diseased area and adjacent tissues. During the procedure, techniques such as stroking, kneading, rubbing, squeezing, rolling and tapping are used, which allow to eliminate the cause of pain and improve the mobility of joints and spine.

Contralateral massage

Contralateral massage is a therapeutic massage performed on the appropriate part of the healthy limb in relation to the same part of the diseased limb. It allows you to accelerate bone fusion by an average of two weeks and prevents stiffening of the joints and contracture of the ligaments.

This type of massage is recommended for patients who have had a leg or arm immobilized in a plaster cast for a long time or for other reasons it is not possible to perform the procedure on a diseased limb, e.g. due to burns or wounds. Performing a massage on a healthy limb automatically improves the sick limb.

The procedure must be performed with great force, to the point where you feel pain. Only in this way can the affected limb heal be stimulated.

Orthopedic acupuncture

Orthopedic acupuncture To eliminate or alleviate pain, orthopedic acupuncture is helpful. It is used in the case of general injuries, shoulder injuries and acute inflammation of the tendons, especially in the treatment of back pain, knee pain and discopathy pain.

The basis of orthopedic treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine is to restore the balance of the nervous system around the skeleton and muscular system in order to improve blood flow and reduce pressure on the nerves.

From a medical point of view, acupuncture should be classified as a safe procedure that does not cause side effects, therefore it can also be used in sick people and in the elderly.

TDP lamp

It is a lamp often used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, also called a mineral lamp. It works by generating a thermomagnetic wave that is directed at the treated part of the body. The generated wave, passing through the mineral plate in the lamp, becomes saturated with 33 minerals, including iron, selenium, manganese, zinc, cobalt, nickel, copper, and then penetrates deep into the body.

The effect of irradiation with infrared rays is heating the body from the inside, dilating blood vessels and improving circulation. Due to heating, the transport of substances necessary for the reconstruction and nourishment of body tissues is accelerated. The heat emitted by the lamp reduces muscle pain, the perceived stiffness in the joints and makes the joints more flexible. Irradiation accelerates metabolism and allows you to get rid of toxins from the body, which improves the patient's well-being.

The use of a mineral lamp is recommended for supporting the treatment of many diseases, not only muscle and joint pain, but also diseases of the thyroid gland, digestive system, asthma, and liver ailments. Heating with a lamp also stimulates immunity, stimulating the body to fight infections.

An additional advantage of using this lamp is its relaxing and calming effect. The energy produced by the lamp penetrates the patient's body, which helps in the fight against insomnia and in the treatment of neuroses and depression.