Anna Błażowska

dietitian, TCM therapist

She conducts consultancy and training in the field of healthy eating and lifestyle changes. She bases her therapies on the knowledge gained at the School of Chinese Medicine and numerous specialist courses under the supervision of outstanding teachers from Poland and the world, including prof. Li Jie.

Dorota Wątrobska


Beata Romanowska


She graduated from a 3-year massage school in Wrocław. He specializes in face massage as well as lymphatic and relaxing massage. Visually impaired person, sensitive to the sense of touch.

Karol Romanowski


He graduated from a 3-year massage school in Wrocław. He specializes in therapeutic, analgesic, sports and relaxation massages. A blind person, sensitive to the sense of touch.

Anita Rynowiecka

TCM therapist

A graduate of the TOMO School of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Gdańsk.
In her practice, she uses knowledge in the field of dietetics, herbal medicine, acupuncture and moxibution.
She promotes a holistic approach to the treatment process and health prevention.
She deepens her therapeutic skills by participating in specialized seminars in the field of acupuncture, herbal medicine and Qi Gong, conducted by outstanding therapists and teachers from Poland and Europe.
Every day lover of nature and music. She has been practicing Qi Gong for years and is now spreading this practice by conducting classes.

Dagmara Mościbrocka

Oriental and Ayurvedic massage therapist and female urology physiotherapist

She graduated from Physiotherapy at the Academy of Physical Education in Poznań. Passionate about a healthy and mindful lifestyle. By consciously working with the body, he perceives the recipe for optimizing health, preventing disease and living in joy and vitality.

Lloyd Simoes


He graduated from the College of Physical Therapist of British Columbia as a certified physiotherapist and the Candian Alliance of Physiotherapy.